Motion Academy

Motion, The Studio is proud to announce the opening of our first ever Motion Academy, serving students Kindergarten through 8th grade for the 2020/2021 Academic Year! REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED.

Motion Academy has Learning Coaches heavily experienced with child instruction, from private studio/fine arts instructors to state certified teachers. Our Learning Coaches are CPR and First Aid Certified and prepared to help their students successfully complete virtual curriculum provided by local school districts or online academies. We aim to keep class group sizes small for more privatized instruction with an average 9 to 1 Student/Teacher ratio! We will maintain one Leaning Coach per class group for consistency of instruction throughout the student’s day while minimizing pathogen exposure. Another benefit to this approach is each Learning Coach will become familiar with their students’ virtual school assignments and the needs of each child in order to provide specialized assistance.

Why choose Motion Academy?

Motion, The Studio has sterilization practices and COVID protocols already in place:
-All instructors and staff wear masks throughout the day.
-Regular temperature checks, hand sanitizing/washing, and cleaning of surfaces.
-Weekly professional building sterilization by Enviro-Master Services.
-HEPA air filtration machines that are CDC approved for clearing the air of allergens and infectious diseases, like COVID-19.
-Plexiglass dividers between student tables to add an extra layer of protection.
-Limited class sizes

Along with our safety protocols, there are additional benefits:
-Outside fresh air activities for exercise and free movement.
-Art class provided that will qualify for state required Art credits.
-25% off monthly tuition rates for Motion, The Studio’s evening classes in dance, cheer, musical theater, baton, acting, acro, tumbling, etc. THE 25% DISCOUNT WILL ONLY BE APPLIED WHILE A STUDENT IS ACTIVELY ENROLLED IN MOTION ACADEMY. Once enrollment from our Motion Academy is dropped, tuition rate for evening classes will return to their normal level.

Enrollment Options:

‪Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm
Monday – Friday 7:30am – 12pm
12pm – 4:30pm‬

Multi-child discounts are available!

Drop-in students are welcome if space is available. Parents are urged to contact our Front Desk at their earliest convenience to inquire about what space is open for drop-in students.


Contact our Front Desk at or call ‪469-892-2137‬ for more details about Motion Academy pricing and registration! We want to get our student’s minds IN MOTION so they succeed in the 2020 – 2021 Academic Year! #MotionTheStudio#MotionAcademy#BeAMotionBlueBear#ForeverMotion

August 2020 News

Year nine is about to begin! Here it is! The Fall 2020 schedule for Dance, Cheer, Baton, Theater Arts, Voice, Acro, Art, and Piano at Motion, The Studio is ready!

The following are NEW CLASSES offered this year:

Sports Skills (7-14 years) Strength and conditioning through a variety of calisthenics and sports exercises like running drills, shooting hoops, soccer skills, and batting. This class is taught outside behind our studio building so outdoor sneakers are required.

Athletics (4-6 years) We are beginning our first ever sports teams, starting with a younger age group. We will begin in the Fall with t-ball and transition to soccer in November. Our future goal is that our teams will register to play in community rec leagues. Due to COVID and the uncertainty of community athletics this year, Motion is choosing to spend this year teaching young students how to play, and, if we have enough enroll, host Motion only scrimmages so our studio athletes take turns playing each other. We will create our own season and cheer ourselves on in 2020!

Art (Level I, II, and III age groups) Those who have participated in Motion’s Art classes in the past have raved over how much the students learn and are able to express their creative side! Age appropriate painting, sketching, and foiling are examples of the different art forms covered by our Art curriculum. Our goal is to have a full gallery display at all Motion shows and productions. Don’t miss out! ($25 supply fee required each semester enrolled: Fall/Spring)

Voice Training (7+ years) Build vocal skills for a greater range of musical ability. Students enrolled in our Musical Theater program are strongly encouraged to add this class so their stage performance quality is strong.

Acting (7+ years) Dive deeper into character development with our acting class! Students will receive training in emotional expression, speech annunciation, and script reading. Students enrolled in our Musical Theater program are strongly encouraged to add this class so their stage performance quality is strong.

Piano/Keyboarding (4+ years) Learn the basics of playing the piano/keyboard! It’s important for artists to be well rounded in their training and piano is not only an instrument that requires a lot of coordination, rhythm, and skill, it also improves a dancer’s ability to understand music phrasing and improves their dance ability on stage.

In addition to our general classes, sports teams, and competition Dance Company program, don’t forget about our show teams in Drill, Baton, and Cheer! Students must enroll in the required classes for each team and purchase a team uniform to become a member. For more details on class requirements for our show teams, please contact our Front Desk.

Sapphires Show Drill Team (7-14 years)
Motion Show Cheer Team (7-14 years)
Motion Show Baton Team (7-14 years)

Vitality Mini Dance Company
Axis Junior Dance Company
Dimensions Junior Elite Dance Company
Blackout Crew Hip Hop Company
Synergy Senior Dance Company

A number of classes have moved to different nights or times to accommodate instructor availability. Please look to make sure you know when your favorite class is now offered!

Registration will be held at MOTION AT CARROLLTON PARK:
Saturday, August 8th 11-4pm
Thursday, August 13th 6-8pm
Saturday, August 15th 11-4pm

Due to COVID, our class enrollment for Toddler, Level I and Level II classes can not be greater than 12 students. Class enrollment for Level III and Level IV/V classes can not be greater than 15 students. That means we might have wait lists for popular classes that fill up quickly and max enrollment. Toddler and young child classes are always the first to fill, so if you know there is a class your young child will want to attend, please plan to register ASAP!

All registration must be done IN PERSON. We offer so many multi-class and multi-child discounts, it’s too complicated for an online system to calculate. We recognize it’s inconvenient and the lines can be long, but we make fine arts training so affordable with top quality instructors, it’s worth waiting in line for.

Please remember to wear a mask when entering the building and help us stay in compliance with our COVID protocols. Students in virtual learning all day will need to have a physical and social outlet. Keeping your children in motion is more important than ever now! We respectfully ask that all of our Motion family members do their part to keep our students and families safe when in our studio home!

Please contact for more details. We will post on our social media more info on our Dance Company audition process which begins next week!

Get ready! It’s almost time to GET IN MOTION! Year nine will be DEVINE! Don’t miss out on a great year ahead! CLASSES BEGIN AUGUST 17TH! #MotionTheStudio#FallSchedule#WhatWillYouBecome?

March 2020 Update

Motion Family!
Since Dallas County is now a Shelter in Place County until April 3rd, here is our plan of action as we move forward with classes and recital production. While we recognize that Dallas County might lift the Shelter in Place restriction on April 3rd, we may still have families that choose to continue with the virtual class format for a while longer, which is fine.
Please save this info in case you need it in the weeks to come:
Class links sent out for our regular enrollment tuition classes will be valid for that month once tuition has been received for that month. (For example: March links are good for March, April are good for April, and so on) The links our Front Desk are sending now are good through April 4th, as tuition is always due by the 5th.If you have set up a different auto draft date for tuition, please contact to verify your links will stay active until your auto draft date.Motion, The Studio has set up a Virtual Class Hotline Number for anyone having trouble opening their links! (You can also call the regular studio Front Desk number. It is being forwarded to Ms Cindy’s home) Please call if you need assistance!
All recital costumes have been ordered and are being processed. Because of the Shelter in Place court order, we will schedule private costume fitting sessions after April 3rd.
PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOUR FIRST RECITAL COSTUME PAYMENT IS DUE BY APRIL 1ST WITH YOUR FINAL PAYMENT DUE BY MAY 1ST. We split the payments up for those families that have children registered in 7 or 8 classes. That’s a lot of costume fees! Some of you have children in only one or two classes, so your costume fee is not so bad. It’s up to you if you want to pay for all of your costumes at once or break up the payments. We just need all fees in by May 1st.
Here is a reminder of your Costume Bundle Fee, as outlined in your Recital Packet:

First Class Costume per performer: $95 (Includes professional Recital video links, all alterations, and garment bags)  

Every Class Costume after the first class costume per performer: $60/costume.

If you need help calculating your Costume Fee total, please contact Please remember that we do not automatically charge a card on file with our studio without your permission. Please email and let us know how much we can charge and when for your child’s Costume Fees!

We are being asked how to pay Tuition and Costume Fees without coming into the studio:
1. You can call our Front Desk at 469-892-2137 or our new Hotline number at (469) 248-7867 and pay over the phone.
2. You can Venmo the studio Venmo. Here is the info:
Please be sure and include what the payment is for! (Tuition, Costume Fees, etc. and your child’s name)
3. You can email your CC info. We will delete the email immediately. But we know not everyone is comfortable with that.
4. You can mail payment in, but it must be received BEFORE THE 5TH for you to receive active class links. Please mail payments to:

Motion, The Studio
1235 S. Josey Ln, Ste 535
Carrollton, TX 75006

Thank you for working with us while we get through this challenging time. Please pray the infection rate slows down so life can go back to normal. It takes us all following CDC guidelines as much as possible to move past this. We will be posting pics of our recital costumes this weekend! OUR PERFORMERS WILL LOOK FABULOUS ON STAGE!
Love you all! See you on camera! 💙
Ms Cindy and Ms Carebear

Familia Motion,
Dado que el condado de Dallas exigo la orden “Shelter in Place”  hasta el 3 de abril, este es nuestro plan de acción a medida que avanzamos con las clases y la producción de recitales. Si bien reconocemos que el Condado de Dallas podría levantar la restricción de Shelter in Place el 3 de abril, aún podemos tener familias que eligen continuar con el formato de clase virtual por un tiempo más, lo cual está bien.Por Favor de guarde esta información en caso de que la necesite en las próximas semanas: Los enlaces de clase enviados para su clases mensual de inscripción regular serán válidos solo para ese mese, una vez que se haya recibido la tarifa para ese mes. (Por ejemplo: los enlaces de Marzo son válidos para Marzo, los de Abril son válidos para Abril, ect) Los enlaces que nuestra recepcionista esta enviando ahora son válidos hasta el 4 de Abril. Ya que la matricula siempre vence el día 5 del mese. A partir del 6 de Abril, se enviarán nuevos enlaces para las clases hasta el 30 de Abril.
Si ha configurado una fecha diferente para su pago automático para la tarifa mensual, comuníquese con para verificar que sus enlaces permanecerán activos hasta su fecha de pago automático. Motion, The Studio ha establecido un número de línea directa de clase virtual para cualquier persona que tenga problemas para abrir sus enlaces. (También puede llamar al número de recepción habitual del estudio. Se está enviando a la casa de la Sra. Cindy) ¡Llame si necesita ayuda! Línea Directa De Clases Virtual: (469) 248-7867 Todos los vestuarios del recital han sido ordenados y están siendo procesados. Por la orden judicial de “Shelter in Place”, programaremos sesiones privadas de vestuario después del 3 de abril.  POR FAVOR RECUERDE QUE SU PRIMER PAGO DE VESTUARIO RECITAL SE DEBE POR EL 1 DE ABRIL CON SU PAGO FINAL POR EL 1 DE MAYO. Dividimos los pagos para aquellas familias que tienen niños registrados en 7 o 8 clases. ¡Son muchas tarifas de disfraces! Algunos de ustedes tienen hijos en solo una o dos clases, por lo que su tarifa de vestuario no es tan mala. Depende de usted si desea pagar todos sus trajes a la vez o dividir los pagos. Solo necesitamos todas las tarifas antes del 1 de mayo. Aquí hay un recordatorio de su tarifa del paquete de vestuario, como se describe en su paquete de recitales: ·         Vestuario de primera clase por artista: $95 (incluye enlaces de videos de recitales profesionales, todas las alteraciones y bolsas de ropa)·         Cada vestuario de clase después del primero vestuario sera por artista: $ 60/disfraz.Si necesita ayuda para calcular el total de su tarifa de vestuario, comuníquese con Recuerde que no cobramos automáticamente una tarjeta registrada en nuestro estudio sin su permiso. ¡Envíenos un correo electrónico y díganos cuánto podemos cobrar y cuándo pagar las tarifas de vestuario de su hijo/a!
Nos preguntan cómo pagar las tarifas del mese y vestuario sin entrar al estudio: 1.    Puede llamar a nuestra recepción al 469-892-2137 o a nuestro nuevo número de línea directa al (469) 248-7867 y pagar por teléfono.2.    Puedes usar la aplicación Venmo del estudio. Aquí está la información: 214.507.1267
¡Asegúrese de incluir para qué es el pago! (Tarifa mensual, tarifas de vestuario, etc. y el nombre de su hijo/a)3.    Puede enviar su información de carta de crédito por correo electrónico. Eliminaremos el correo electrónico de inmediato. Pero sabemos que no todos se sienten cómodos con eso.  4.     Puede enviar el pago por correo, pero debe recibirlo ANTES DEL 5 para que pueda recibir enlaces de clase activos. Por favor envíe los pagos a:Motion, The Studio1235 S. Josey Ln, Ste 535Carrollton, TX 75006 Gracias por trabajar con nosotros mientras superamos este momento difícil. Ore para que la tasa de infección disminuya para que la vida pueda volver a la normalidad. Nos lleva a todos seguir las pautas de los CDC tanto como sea posible para superar esto. ¡Publicaremos fotos de nuestros disfraces recitales este fin de semana! ¡NUESTROS ACTUADORES PARECERÁN FABULOSOS EN EL ESCENARIO!¡Los amo a todos! ¡Nos vemos en cámara! 💙   Sra. Cindy y Sra. Carebear

Motion not cancelled

Motion Family,
We have been watching the news reports and the fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic. We have also been waiting to see what actions are taken by local school districts, as well as what are healthy precautions to take versus mass hysteria overreactions. In all things, there is common sense and there are extremes. We are trying to find a common sense solution in all of this.
It was just announced that CFBISD is closing for another week. I have had many active discussions with my staff the last 48 hours and we are working on a plan to carry us forward.
Here is where we are:
-Classes will resume normally as scheduled on Monday.
-For those who choose to stay home for now, we are working on a link that will allow you to log in for your child’s classes online and they can participate at home.
-We have always had hand sanitizers placed in the hallways and the studios. We will have more out and encourage everyone take a squirt in between classes!
-We have always had Clorox wipes in the studios too. We will put more in there and place some out in the hallways as well. Teachers will be wiping down between classes. Parents may wipe down in the halls too, if they like! I know I have Motion Mommas that will volunteer to help us stay as germ free as possible!
-We will encourage everyone to wash their hands before entering the studios.
-We have increased our cleaning services at Motion, again to stay a germ free as we can.We are in Recital production and, unless something catastrophic happens in the world forcing everything to shut down, we will keep going, even if it’s through virtual classes. Like every performer in the history of performing, our mantra is THE SHOW MUST GO ON! But we WILL have classes in the studio and instructors present if you choose to come on in, like you normally do. Let’s just practice our good hygiene!
If you are interested in the virtual class option because you want to keep your child home, it will take some prepping on your part to clear a space that your child can move in. Maybe start cleaning out that garage! The weather is actually nice right now and garages are big spaces they rehearse in. I will post a video with some home class tips!
Please give me a few days to figure out how the virtual class thing will work. We’ve never done it before. I have to get cameras in place and figure out what online venue will be successful.
I just encourage parents to not panic and pull your child out of something they love so much and have worked hard for. Recital isn’t until JUNE. We should be past all of this by then. Please work with us to keep your child training, rather it’s in the studio or at home.
I love you all. Take a deep breath. We are going to get through this!
Stay tuned to this page for more details on the virtual class option! Please email if you want to pursue online classes!
Love you all.
Ms Carebear needs an extra large Dr P right about now…..


Motion StaffMotion, The Studio469-892-2137

February 2020 Update

Hello Motion Family! Here are updates for February for Motion, The Studio:


A reminder for those not on auto draft that tuition is due by the 5th or a late fee is charged, even if we are closed for a holiday. Please make plans to stop by our front desk and take care of your February payment or fill out an auto draft form to avoid late fees.


Please be advised you will have to re-register your child if/when you return. Full enrollment classes with a waiting list will have the next child on the wait list move in to your child’s spot. For full enrollment classes, you will have to wait for an opening to return. Thank you.


There are no studio closing dates for holidays in February.


As we head into February, we are heading into Recital season. Please stay on top of important dates and our upcoming Recital Parent Meeting!


This meeting is helpful if you are new to the Recital process. All rehearsal schedules and calendars will be passed out. If keeping up with printed handouts and reading emails is a challenge for you, please consider attending this meeting! Just attend the time for your child’s class:

2:00 – 3:00pm – Parents of children in these classes – Pre-school Tap/Jazz, Creative Movement, Tiny Tot Swag, Tiny Cheer Prep, Level I Tap, Level I Jazz, Level 1 Ballet, Level 1 Hip-Hop

3:30 – 4:30pm – Parents of children in these classes –  Level II Tap, Level II Ballet, Level II Jazz, Level II Hip-Hop, Baton Twirling, Mini/Youth Cheer, Jr/Sr Cheer, Level III Tap, Level III Ballet, Level III Jazz, Level III Hip-Hop, Level III Contemporary, Level III Lyrical, Ballet IV, Lyrical IV, Hip-Hop IV, Jazz IV, Tap IV, Contemporary IV, Broadway Jazz, Ballroom, Ballet V, Drill Team Prep, Musical Theater, Clogging

May 18th – June 4th: STUDIO REHEARSALS

A general rehearsal calendar will be passed out at the Parent Meeting on Feb 8th

The exact days your child will have rehearsal will be on the calendar we pass out by March 31st.  Your child will NOT rehearse every day. 

Sunday, May 31stRECITAL PICTURE DAY – Exact class picture times will be available March 31st


Held at the Prince of Peace Christian School, 4004 Midway Rd., Carrollton, TX  75007. Exact Rehearsal times will be included in the rehearsal calendar that will be available March 31st.


SHOW TIMES: 2:00PM and 6:00PM 

1st show is pre-school and Level I’s and 2nd Show is Level II and above

Prince of Peace Christian School

4004 Midway Rd.

Carrollton, TX  75007


(Two Separate Nonrefundable Fees)

RECITAL FEE: $125 per performer – Due March 1st

(Covers rental of auditorium/dressing rooms, Tech Crew, Prince of Peace Management Staff, Tech/Sound/Lighting Crew, Janitor Fees, Staff Fees, etc…)

COSTUME BUNDLE FEE: $95 for the first class your child is enrolled in, $60 for each additional class your child is enrolled in

DUE DATES: Fees can be split into two payments: April 1st and May 1st

(Covers costumes, Link to Recital Video, Props, Garment bags, Costume accessories, Alterations, etc…)

EXAMPLE: Your child is enrolled in Tap II and Ballet II. Your child’s Costume Bundle Fee will be $95 for Tap II and $60 for Ballet II. Your total Costume Bundle Fee will be $155.



Please contact our Recital Coordinator Andrea Godwin at or studio Managing Director, Cindy Godwin, at or call 469.892.2137 and leave a message.


Please be advised that Motion, The Studio follows Carrollton/Farmers Branch for inclement weather closings. Follow our studio on social media for current updates:

Facebook: A Body In Motion The Studio

Twitter: @ABodyInMotion

Happy Valentine’s Day! As always, thank you for being a body in MOTION!

Motion, The Studio