August 2020 News

Year nine is about to begin! Here it is! The Fall 2020 schedule for Dance, Cheer, Baton, Theater Arts, Voice, Acro, Art, and Piano at Motion, The Studio is ready!

The following are NEW CLASSES offered this year:

Sports Skills (7-14 years) Strength and conditioning through a variety of calisthenics and sports exercises like running drills, shooting hoops, soccer skills, and batting. This class is taught outside behind our studio building so outdoor sneakers are required.

Athletics (4-6 years) We are beginning our first ever sports teams, starting with a younger age group. We will begin in the Fall with t-ball and transition to soccer in November. Our future goal is that our teams will register to play in community rec leagues. Due to COVID and the uncertainty of community athletics this year, Motion is choosing to spend this year teaching young students how to play, and, if we have enough enroll, host Motion only scrimmages so our studio athletes take turns playing each other. We will create our own season and cheer ourselves on in 2020!

Art (Level I, II, and III age groups) Those who have participated in Motion’s Art classes in the past have raved over how much the students learn and are able to express their creative side! Age appropriate painting, sketching, and foiling are examples of the different art forms covered by our Art curriculum. Our goal is to have a full gallery display at all Motion shows and productions. Don’t miss out! ($25 supply fee required each semester enrolled: Fall/Spring)

Voice Training (7+ years) Build vocal skills for a greater range of musical ability. Students enrolled in our Musical Theater program are strongly encouraged to add this class so their stage performance quality is strong.

Acting (7+ years) Dive deeper into character development with our acting class! Students will receive training in emotional expression, speech annunciation, and script reading. Students enrolled in our Musical Theater program are strongly encouraged to add this class so their stage performance quality is strong.

Piano/Keyboarding (4+ years) Learn the basics of playing the piano/keyboard! It’s important for artists to be well rounded in their training and piano is not only an instrument that requires a lot of coordination, rhythm, and skill, it also improves a dancer’s ability to understand music phrasing and improves their dance ability on stage.

In addition to our general classes, sports teams, and competition Dance Company program, don’t forget about our show teams in Drill, Baton, and Cheer! Students must enroll in the required classes for each team and purchase a team uniform to become a member. For more details on class requirements for our show teams, please contact our Front Desk.

Sapphires Show Drill Team (7-14 years)
Motion Show Cheer Team (7-14 years)
Motion Show Baton Team (7-14 years)

Vitality Mini Dance Company
Axis Junior Dance Company
Dimensions Junior Elite Dance Company
Blackout Crew Hip Hop Company
Synergy Senior Dance Company

A number of classes have moved to different nights or times to accommodate instructor availability. Please look to make sure you know when your favorite class is now offered!

Registration will be held at MOTION AT CARROLLTON PARK:
Saturday, August 8th 11-4pm
Thursday, August 13th 6-8pm
Saturday, August 15th 11-4pm

Due to COVID, our class enrollment for Toddler, Level I and Level II classes can not be greater than 12 students. Class enrollment for Level III and Level IV/V classes can not be greater than 15 students. That means we might have wait lists for popular classes that fill up quickly and max enrollment. Toddler and young child classes are always the first to fill, so if you know there is a class your young child will want to attend, please plan to register ASAP!

All registration must be done IN PERSON. We offer so many multi-class and multi-child discounts, it’s too complicated for an online system to calculate. We recognize it’s inconvenient and the lines can be long, but we make fine arts training so affordable with top quality instructors, it’s worth waiting in line for.

Please remember to wear a mask when entering the building and help us stay in compliance with our COVID protocols. Students in virtual learning all day will need to have a physical and social outlet. Keeping your children in motion is more important than ever now! We respectfully ask that all of our Motion family members do their part to keep our students and families safe when in our studio home!

Please contact for more details. We will post on our social media more info on our Dance Company audition process which begins next week!

Get ready! It’s almost time to GET IN MOTION! Year nine will be DEVINE! Don’t miss out on a great year ahead! CLASSES BEGIN AUGUST 17TH! #MotionTheStudio#FallSchedule#WhatWillYouBecome?