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  • Creative Movement (Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling): Ages 2-4
  • Pre-school Tap/Jazz: Ages 2-4
  • Tiny Tots Swag (Hip-Hop Jazz, Tumbling): Ages 2-4
  • Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop: Ages 4+
  • Lyrical Jazz: Ages 9+
  • Contemporary Jazz: Ages 9+
  • Improv: Ages 9+
  • Pre-Pointe: Ages 9+
  • Pointe: Ages 13+
  • High School Drill Team Prep: Ages 10+
  • College Dance/Drill Team Prep: Ages 13+
  • Acro/Contortion: Ages 9+
  • Dance Technique and Tricks: Ages 7+
  • Kick line Training: Ages 10+
  • Broadway Jazz: Ages 10+
  • Ballroom: Ages 10+
  • Clogging: Ages 10+
  • Tiny Cheer: Ages 2 to 4
  • Mini/Youth Cheer: Ages 4 to 9
  • Junior/Senior Cheer: Ages 10+
Baton Twirling
  • Mini/Youth Baton Twirling: Ages 4 to 9
  • Junior/Senior Baton Twirling: Ages 10+
Fitness Classes
  • The Zone: Hip Hop Power Workout
  • Flex/Core
  • Beat The Heat: Body Toning Workout
  • Ballet Fit
  • Sweat Success Cardio Fit
Companies & Teams
  • Vitality Mini Dance Company
  • Axis Junior Dance Company
  • Dimensions Junior Elite Dance Company
  • Synergy Senior Dance Company
  • Blackout Crew Hip Hop Company
  • Baton Show Team
  • Cheer Show Team
  • Sapphires Show Drill Team
Music & Theater
  • Musical Theater
  • Choir
  • Art: Ages 4 to 9

Motion Locations

Motion, The Studio

We are a full service dance/cheer/fitness studio for ages 3 to 103! With over 50+ classes at two Carrollton studio locations, we offer quality instruction for all ability levels. Check our website for our current schedule of classes at each location and enrollment information.
Motion, The Studio
Motion, The Studio12 months ago
People wonder what my hashtag #StRitaWarriors is about. It’s a long story, but she is the Patron Saint of impossible dreams or causes. I’m not catholic, but I do believe in the power of the Saints.

I bought my first St Rita medal when I was 34 and felt my dance dream coming to an end. I wore her pinned in my audition top through what I thought was going to be my last audition ever in my life. I was going to let dance go and consider myself retired, my heart too devastated from hurtful rejections to keep trying anymore. I showed up for the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader audition as a 35-year-old mother of two and was prepared to be cut early on and lay my love for dancing to rest forever. Go out with a bang, then ride off into the sunset. I just prayed to St Rita for the strength to give one last performance I could be proud of. Then...my dance journey would be over.

Only my journey didn’t end. I finally made the NFL with St Rita pinned inside my top.

I still wear her around my neck. (I’ve added other Saints along the way) Now she guides me on my Motion journey, which has faced its hardest year yet in 2020.

I keep a bag of St Rita medals in my desk. Anyone who feels tired and weary on their life’s journey as they push themselves to breaking points fighting for a dream, any dream, can join the St Rita Warrior club. I’m happy to pass her strength along. My sweet Jordan joined the club tonight! Others have also joined this Summer at Motion’s Boot Camps.

I tell my warriors she’s not Santa Claus. Just cause you want something doesn’t mean she’s going to bring it to you tied with a bow. That’s not what Saints are for. And they do answer to a higher authority. God may have a reason a door does not open. But you can ask her to pray for you on your journey and your impossible dream. Pray that you’re able to find courage when you’re scared or for guidance when you feel lost. Trust me, I’ve needed her more than ever in 2020.

Welcome to the club, Jordan! And if anyone reading this wants to join too, let me know. I have plenty of medals to pass along! #MotionTheStudio #StRitaWarriors #MotionStrong #WhatWillYouBecome? #PleaseStRitaPrayForUs #BlessedLife 💙
Motion, The Studio
Motion, The Studio12 months ago

Interested in auditioning for Motion’s competition dance program? Want to find out what it takes to be a studio competitor?

Join us at our annual Motion, The Studio Dance Company Prep Clinic, Saturday, August 1st, and allow our MDC Directors to lead dancers through a warmup, various required technique drills down the floor, and finally teach short fun combos in jazz, hip hop, and contemporary.

3-4pm 7-9 years
4:30-6pm 10+ years

Things you will NEED to bring with you! Please check the second pic for our COVID protocols:

-Your own filled water bottle
-A mask to enter the building (once spread out on our dance floor, students can choose to remove the mask while dancing)
-Wear your dance attire! (Leotard and tights/leggings, lyrical shoes, jazz shoes, and tennis shoes are all needed. Hair securely out of face, makeup not necessary. Boys wear a fitted t-shirt and leggings)

Only $15 per dancer!

Contact our Front Desk at info@abodyinmotion.us to reserve your spot! We can’t wait to see our future Dance Company members get IN MOTION! #MotionTheStudio #MotionDanceCompanies #ForeverMotion #MDCFamBam
Motion, The Studio
Motion, The Studio12 months ago

Motion, The Studio is so happy to have back in the studio former Creekview Cheval Lieutenant and Tyler Junior College Apache Belle, Kayli Brennar!

Our Summer Boot Camps are meant to push teen/adult dancers in conditioning, dance technique, and college drill/dance choreography. For only $25, you will receive 4.5 hours of instruction from current and former collegiate team members. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

Here is what will be covered:
10-11am Warm-up, Flexibility training, Dance conditioning, Kick Line technique
11-12pm Dance Technique (Down-the-floor progressions and center work in turns, leaps, and jumps)
12-12:30pm Short break for a light snack and hear about what it takes to make a college program. (Don’t bring “heavy” snacks to eat. We will dance for two hours after!)
12:30-1:30pm High Kick Combo
1:30-2:30pm Lyrical Combo

Due to COVID, our water stations are closed. Be sure and bring your own water! A mask must be worn into the building but can be removed once spaced apart on the dance floor for social distancing. Please check our COVID protocols in the second photo! A VIRTUAL OPTION IS AVAILABLE FOR THOSE CHOOSING TO TAKE CLASS FROM HOME! Contact our Front Desk at info@abodyinmotion.us ASAP so we have time to email out the Zoom link!

It’s our LAST CHANCE to get work in to OWN THE FIELD! Let’s finish the Summer together! Contact us at info@abodyinmotion.us or call 469-892-2137 for more info. Your dreams can’t come true unless you get IN MOTION! #MotionTheStudio #DancerBootCamps #StRitaWarriors #GetThatUniform
Motion, The Studio
1235 S. Josey Lane, Ste 535
Carrollton, TX 75006

Motion, The Studio
Motion, The Studio12 months ago
Sometimes God answers prayers in a weird way. You just have to be willing to go along with his plan.

This is a hard time for studios. We have businesses built around live instruction. We build spaces to maximize movement while filling the floor with students. We host recitals in big auditoriums packed with a live audience. In the year of COVID, all of that had to be reworked, if not cancelled altogether. That huge loss of revenue is closing studios down all over the country.

Motion is still in the fight, thanks to dedicated families willing to stand by us. They’ve adapted beautifully to our new normal. And they’ve donated to keep our doors open. I have hope, as Fall classes begin, that we can slowly trudge through this year. Cindy and I are literally taking it one month, one bill, at a time. But new problems have been created as we changed our recital format.

We built a stage to do an in studio recital. Now we have to find storage for it. Our original storage plan fell through. Due to our hard hit finances, we can’t spend more than $150/month on storage. That’s not nearly enough to cover the amount of space we need to rent. The Summer is nearly over. We need the stage out so we can set up for Fall classes. The clock is ticking.

Ms Carebear’s prayer:

Ok, God. I need a big storage space and I need it under $150. Please, God, help us find a solution!

And, finally, here is God’s answer. Yeah, it’s an 18 wheeler trailer. One of my dedicated studio Dad’s is a long distance truck driver. He came across a giant trailer stuck out in a field in east Texas abandoned. The new property owner wanted it off the land. They put it up for sale dirt cheap. It was full, and I mean FULL, of rotting carpet infested with mice and other random junk. The property owner would sell it super cheap if someone would just remove it and all the junk in it. In the end, a deal was made. Our studio Dad drove it in to Carrollton and has worked hard to clean it out. It’s been a ton of work. Right now, it’s parked at Motion as we move our stage into it.

I know what you’re thinking. Where are we going to park it? It’s an 18 wheeler trailer!

It just so happens there is trailer storage spaces in Lewisville. How much does it cost to rent a space for 18 wheeler trailers?


God came through. Not in the way we were originally planning, but he still came through.

And now when we need our large props moved, we don’t need a parade of Dads in trucks driving things where we need them. We just send our dedicated Dad, with his rig, to go get our mobile storage unit trailer and he can deliver it wherever we need it.

Everyone meet our trailer, Billy Big Rigger! He’s ugly but we will clean him up. I think he’ll look pretty stunning in Motion Blue!

So, if you’re ever driving down the freeway and you get passed by a giant 18 wheeler that has Motion painted down the side, no, you’re not seeing things. It just means Motion is in motion! And yes, we will honk our horn 10-4, little buddy! Our Billy Big Rigger might be in motion to a location near you!

This kind of crazy stuff only happens to me, I swear. But I am thankful for the answered prayer.

Now, to finish the Fall schedule. On to the next series of prayers I need answered. #AnsweredPrayer #BillyBigRigger #MotionInMotion #MyCrazyLife #Thankful #Blessed 💙