Motion not cancelled

Motion Family,
We have been watching the news reports and the fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic. We have also been waiting to see what actions are taken by local school districts, as well as what are healthy precautions to take versus mass hysteria overreactions. In all things, there is common sense and there are extremes. We are trying to find a common sense solution in all of this.
It was just announced that CFBISD is closing for another week. I have had many active discussions with my staff the last 48 hours and we are working on a plan to carry us forward.
Here is where we are:
-Classes will resume normally as scheduled on Monday.
-For those who choose to stay home for now, we are working on a link that will allow you to log in for your child’s classes online and they can participate at home.
-We have always had hand sanitizers placed in the hallways and the studios. We will have more out and encourage everyone take a squirt in between classes!
-We have always had Clorox wipes in the studios too. We will put more in there and place some out in the hallways as well. Teachers will be wiping down between classes. Parents may wipe down in the halls too, if they like! I know I have Motion Mommas that will volunteer to help us stay as germ free as possible!
-We will encourage everyone to wash their hands before entering the studios.
-We have increased our cleaning services at Motion, again to stay a germ free as we can.We are in Recital production and, unless something catastrophic happens in the world forcing everything to shut down, we will keep going, even if it’s through virtual classes. Like every performer in the history of performing, our mantra is THE SHOW MUST GO ON! But we WILL have classes in the studio and instructors present if you choose to come on in, like you normally do. Let’s just practice our good hygiene!
If you are interested in the virtual class option because you want to keep your child home, it will take some prepping on your part to clear a space that your child can move in. Maybe start cleaning out that garage! The weather is actually nice right now and garages are big spaces they rehearse in. I will post a video with some home class tips!
Please give me a few days to figure out how the virtual class thing will work. We’ve never done it before. I have to get cameras in place and figure out what online venue will be successful.
I just encourage parents to not panic and pull your child out of something they love so much and have worked hard for. Recital isn’t until JUNE. We should be past all of this by then. Please work with us to keep your child training, rather it’s in the studio or at home.
I love you all. Take a deep breath. We are going to get through this!
Stay tuned to this page for more details on the virtual class option! Please email if you want to pursue online classes!
Love you all.
Ms Carebear needs an extra large Dr P right about now…..


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