Hello Motion Family!
We are moving fast and furious into Recital production! We actually begin Recital production a year in advance. It is a huge event! We have signs on the door, by the door on the chalk board, and messages on Social Media, and families are still coming and going and not picking up Recital packets. So, everything is attached to this email. It is a lot to read but it is the only way to get everyone on the same page with all that is coming. That’s why we offer the Parent Meetings. Please read through it!
We are getting asked common questions. PLEASE READ THE PACKET BEFORE READING THE QUESTIONS BELOW. Some questions won’t make a lot of sense if you have not read the packet.
The Recital Fee of $125 per performer is due March 5th, as stated in the handouts that were passed out in January and emails sent out. If that Fee is not paid, no costumes will be ordered, which runs the risk that there will be no costume for your performer by Recital Picture Day as late costume orders go on back order. Instructors will also take non-payment performers out of formation for class routines. (Costume Bundle Fees are due at a later date)
Here are answers to some of the most common questions:
1. Is my child ready for a big event like Recital?
Yes! It is called “performing arts” for a reason. Performing is what every studio student lives for! If they only attend class and never get to be onstage, they are doing all the work and never reaping the reward! Please let them have an amazing experience with their friends and love their moment in the spot light. It’s what motivates them to keep training year after year!
2. Which Shows are my child in?
Preschool and Level I classes are in the 1st and 2nd Show. They are identical Shows back-to-back.
Level II, Level III, Level IV, Level V, Baton, Musical Theater, and Dance Company are in the 3rd and 4th Shows.
Cheer Prep is in the 3rd Show only.
Drill Team Prep is in the 4th Show only.
3. If I want to attend more than one show, do I have to buy more than one ticket?
Yes. Each Show has it’s own set of seats and tickets. If you wish to attend multiple Shows, you have to buy tickets for multiple Shows.
4. It says on the rehearsal schedule that classes that rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays are from 5:30-9:30pm. That is very late for my young child.
As explained in the Recital Parent Meeting on Sat, Feb 17th, we begin with Opening and Finale production at 5:30pm. Then we start with class routines, with the youngest classes attending that night going first. Once they have run their class routine, they are released. Only Level IV and Level V will stay till 9:30pm, if needed. All others will be released once their class routines are done.
5. How will ticket purchases work?
ALL FOUR OF OUR SHOWS WILL SELL OUT. If you are not watching important dates for ticket purchases, you will have NO SEATS FOR OUR SHOW as they will all be sold.
Tickets will be sold at A Body in Motion starting Saturday, May 5th from 2-6pm. (The line will begin LONG BEFORE 2PM!) As stated in the Recital Packet, each performer may buy only 4 tickets per show on this date. (8 total tickets) Please make sure that your highest priority friends and family get a seat! You must purchase tickets in person. We will not do purchases over the phone. You have to be present to choose your seats on the seating chart.
Families who do not purchase tickets on May 5th have till Friday, May 11th to come to the studio and purchase their 4 tickets per performer per show.
Starting Saturday, May 12th from 2-6pm, all unsold seats will be made available on a first come, first serve basis. We WILL NOT hold seats for families who never came in to buy their initial 4 tickets per performer. All seats will sell out and those families who never came in will be left without any seats. All Recital Fees are nonrefundable if you choose to pull your child from the show because you never purchased seats and the shows are sold out.
If you are someone who would like 20 or more tickets to Recital and the seats sell out before you can get all of those seats, we are offering complimentary Dress Rehearsal Tickets and access to our Wine Bar in the Neiman Marcus Room for any extended friends and family who can not get a seat to the actual show. Please let our Front Desk know of the amount of Dress Rehearsal tickets you will need.
6. Do I need to provide meals for my child in the show?
No, not unless you want to. We provide snacks and food between shows.
7. How do I volunteer? What jobs are needed?
Please check with our Front Desk on volunteer needs. We appreciate all the help we can receive!
8. Will my performer sit with me during the show?
No. Performers are checked in by parents at the Dressing Rooms doors and Security will allow them back. Only official Recital volunteers and Staff are allowed in the Dressing Rooms. Any parent NOT a volunteer with an official volunteer badge will be directed to the theater by Security. Performers will be checked back out by parents at the end of the Show. They are backstage with their teachers and parent volunteers the entire time.
9. Does my child have to attend Recital Picture Day?
No, but even if you do not wish to buy professional photos, it is still a big deal for each performer to be included in class photos that will forever hang on the studio walls. Attendance at Recital Picture Day does not mean you are required to buy pictures. But Ms Carebear likes to have every performer in the class photos and the performers like to see their photo hanging in the studio!
10. Do I have to buy a Recital Video?
You are already receiving a professional video with your Recital Costume Bundle Fee, and that fee is required. (Please refer to the Recital Packet for the explanation of the fees) You only need to fill out an order form if you are purchasing additional videos. At only $30, they are a terrific price!
Again, please make sure you have read through all of the info and ask any questions you have. We put on a wonderful show and your child will make memories that last a lifetime! Also, follow us on Social Media and check in regularly with the Front Desk to make sure you have not missed important info that has gone out.
Let’s make this our best show yet! It’s time to get IN MOTION!