Motion is proud to announce we are expanding our Show Team program to complement our already existing Show Cheer Team:


  • Sapphires Show Drill Team (7-13 years)
  • Motion Show Cheer Team (5-13 years)
  • Motion Show Baton Team (5-13 years)
  • Motion Show Hip Hop Team (7-13 years)

Our Show Teams perform at local community events/parades and compete in one competition a year. If your child is interested in joining a Motion Show Team, they must buy a uniform. Budget about $90 for it. The first community performance is Sept 28th. Show teams do mostly community performances, one competition, and our recitals (Christmas and Grand Showcase).

To be on the TEAM, there are a few required classes they must enroll in.

Sapphires Drill Team (7-13 years)

  • 1 age appropriate Jazz class
  • Dance Technique & Tricks (Thurs)
  • Sapphires rehearsal class (Tues)

Show Cheer Team

  • Age appropriate Cheer class (Fri)
  • Ability appropriate Tumbling (Fri)
  • Cheer Team rehearsal class (Sat)

Show Baton Team

  • Age appropriate Jazz class
  • Age appropriate Baton class (Fri)
  • Baton Team Rehearsal Class (Sat)