At Motion, The Studio, we strive to offer a variety of classes to individuals of any age. Our goal is to help everyone enjoy the beauty of movement and push to their fullest potential. Contact us at for our most current class schedule. We look forward to watching you become a body in motion!


Motion, The Studio offers the following dance/cheer classes for all ages:

  • Creative Movement (Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling): Ages 3-4
  • Tiny Tots Swag (Hip-Hop Jazz, Tumbling): Ages 3-4
  • Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop: Ages 4+
  • Lyrical Jazz: Ages 7+
  • Contemporary: Ages 7+
  • Improv: Ages 10+
  • Pre-Pointe: Ages 10+
  • Pointe: Ages 14+
  • Drill Team Prep: Ages 10+
  • Dance Technique: Ages 7+
  • Ballroom: Ages 10+
  • Modern Dance:  Ages 10+

Cheer and Tumbling

Motion, The Studio offers the following cheer classes for the following ages:

  • Mini Cheer/Tumbling:  Ages 4 to 6
  • Youth Cheer: Ages 7 to 9
  • Junior/Senior Cheer: Ages 10 to 14
  • Tumbling: Ages 7+

$10 Drop-in Classes

Motion, The Studio offered affordable drop-in classes for teens and adults looking to build high kick stamina and dance skills for future auditions:

  • Kickline Training: Ages 13+
  • Dance Technique & Tricks: Ages 13+

Show Teams

Motion, The Studio offers open enrollment Show Team options for students looking for a team experience without heavy costs and time commitment. All Show Teams perform at local community/sports events in the Fall and compete in the Spring:

  • Motion Cheer Team: Ages 7-14
  • Sapphires Drill Team: Ages 7-14
  • Motion Baton Team: Ages 7-14
  • The Heat Hip Hop Team: Ages 7-14

Baton Twirling

Motion, The Studio offers the following baton twirling classes for the following ages:

  • Mini/Youth Baton Twirling: Ages 4 to 9
  • Junior/Senior Baton Twirling: Ages 10+

Fine Arts

We offer all forms of fine arts! Drop by for any of our classes!

  • Musical Theater: Ages 7+ years
  • Voice Training:  Ages 7+ years
  • Acting Class:  Ages 7+years
  • Art Classes: Ages 4-12

Adult Only Classes

Motion, The Studio offer beginner adult only classes in the following:

  • Adult Ballet: Ages 18+
  • Adult Jazz: Ages 18+

Motion Dance Companies

Motion, The Studio offers a competitive team track for those students looking for a serious studio dance commitment. Motion Dance Company members are selected through an audition process encompassing Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Improv, Tap and Hip Hop. Dance Company is an 11-month commitment per signed contract:

  • Vitality Mini: Ages 7-9
  • Axis Junior: Ages 10-14
  • Dimensions Junior Elite: Ages 12- 16
  • Synergy Senior: Ages 14-18
  • Tempo Tap: Ages 10-18
  • Blackout Crew Hip Hop: Ages 10-18