$5 Dance & Fitness Classes – Unlimited Deal

Let’s Go Unlimited in Fall 2020!


We are excited to offer new $5 fitness classes to help you reach your weight loss goals! Here is a brief explanation of what each $5 fitness class will focus on:

Kickline Training



A flexibility and core training class. Usually done barefoot. Yoga mats are optional. We stretch the body slowly from head to toe and pound our midsection to tighten and tone!

Dance Technique & Tricks


Ballet Fit

A ballet barre workout that incorporates basic ballet moves and pushes to get your heart racing. You do not have to be a ballet god or goddess. Just follow along and bring a towel for all the sweat you will leave on the floor!



If getting fit in 2020 is your goal and you love our fitness classes, take advantage of our Unlimited $5 Class Deal! For only $50/month, you can take as many of our $5 fitness classes as you want! If you took ALL of our $5 classes every week for a full month, you’d spend over $60! That makes this Unlimited Class Deal is a great offer. GET IN MOTION NOW TO CREATE A NEW YOU!