Class Prices

Registration Fee: $30 Enrollment for one child, $50 for family

Fitness classes:  $5/class* – Click here to learn more about our offer for $50 a month for unlimited fitness classes

Class Prices:  DANCE (2 years to Adult)

:30 min per week * $45/mo 3 hour per week $140/mo
:45 min per week $60/mo 3:15 hour per week $145/mo
1:00 hour per week $75/mo 3:30 hour per week $155/mo
1:15 hour per week $85mo 3:45 hour per week $160/mo
1:30 hour per week $95/mo 4 hour per week $170/mo
1:45 hour per week $105/mo 4:15 per week $175/mo
2 hour per week $110/mo 4:30 per week $185/mo
2:15 hour per week $115/mo 4:45 per week $190/mo
2:30 hour per week $125/mo Unlimited classes $200/mo
2:45 hour per week $130/mo

*Level IV, Level V, and Fitness classes – have the per pay class option (PCO) for older teens/adults.  ALL OTHER CLASSES PAY MONTHLY TUITION RATES.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

**Block classes may be combined with other classes to make one-hour classes or longer.

Company/Competition Team tuition rates vary.  Pleases contact Motion, the Studio for more details.

Additional Child Discount:  15: off for 2nd student enrolled, 50% for each additional student enrolled.

NOTE:  Class schedule and prices are subject to change due to class enrollment demands.  For updated class schedules and fees, pleases refer to our website.

We accept Cash, Checks, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.  We offer Auto Draft for monthly tuition.

There will be a $30.00 service charge on all returned checks.